To be a Victim

One very strange idea that has developed with the growing presence of polictical correctness in our society and everyday lives is the the ‘victim culture’. It is everywhere, slowly strangling us, telling us that it is okay to always blame someone else. Now I am not saying there aren’t times when there are true victims that need care and support but more often than not, there are people who abuse our new found politically supported tolerance.

For example, in British society, the average waistline is increasing quicker than you can say doughnuts.  Previously, and with many people today still admittedly, this would be seen as the result of a bad diet and too little exercise, a personal dilemma that you would have to strive to overcome. But alarmingly overweight individuals are increasing attempting to blame someone else. The scene of a patient walking into a surgery complaining of knee pains because of their excess weight and just expecting their doctor to deal with it. No doubt it isn’t their fault either, but a genetically bad metabolism that doesn’t allow them to eat continuously. Not only this, but surely they shouldn’t be discriminated against either, as being called fat is very offensive to many weighing 18 stone. Yes, these people should be helped but it would help if they would lift a finger or even just accept the blame.

Falling into the part of a victim is incredible easy, living off unemployment benefits as you can’t face trying to find a job is much easier than trying admittedly, but it is a rut which just gets more and more difficult to escape from. All the ‘isms’ encourage this victim culture as well. There is no debate that racism, sexism or ageism is not wrong, but to become dependant on being treated with special care because people are wary of these is dangerous, and there will come a stage where blaming yourself for anything is unheard of.

This might just seem another rant against ‘Political Correctness’ but this is just one of many problems that this originally innocent policy can lead to in Western society.


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