When does a walk become a journey?

When I am bored, there is one thing that I like to do and that is people watch. People are fascinating creatures if you study them closely, and creating an imagined life for someone purely based on their looks wiles the time away.

Say a women is walking towards you down a busy London street. She has towering heels and an immaculate suit complete with a fresh blow dry and an exquisite manicure. The first thing to run through your head would be questions; where is she headed, what is she thinking, what makes her life full. And purely based on her appearance you would make an immediate judgement. She’s headed back to the office after lunch at a posh restaurant where she barely ate anything with her perfect, adoring fiancé. She loves her job, where she makes unbelievable sums of money doing relatively little. After she has finished work, she will take a corporate car back to her small but perfectly situated flat where not a cushion lies out of place because her maid came in this morning. You have her figured out in a matter of seconds. But then her expression darkens, and you think you see a small tear form at the corner of her eye, which is briskly brushed away with a swift sweep of her hand.

That small change in her expression turns your imagined life for her upside down. She is actually on the way back from lunch where her husband stood her up, because he had something on last minute. She’s heading back to her job where she earns relatively little for doing an unbelievable volume of work. After she has finished work she will take the tube home to her small flat far out of the way of anything where her coffee mug is still sitting on the table slowing dripping and leaving its smug, brown ring on the polished wood.

This small exchange could shift something monumental in your head or pass over as nothing special, and the woman may never know either way. A journey is defined as the act of traveling from one place to another, whether the places are in your mind or reality.


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