France bans Burqa

Yesterday wearing the Burqa in public in France became illegal.

According to many melodramatic people, this the start of society’s deterioration and a step towards a world seen in Orwell’s book ‘1984‘. But could it actually be a step in the right direction?

Banning the Burqa is not racial or religious discrimination, but in fact a way to create more equality in France.  France is a secular state –  meaning that it is separate to religion. In this way it is dramatically different from Britain. To maintain it’s secularity, it does not favour any religion in particular and you are not meant to show your religion in schools or places of work. Yet the Burqa has been allowed to remain unaffected by this, and banning it is just a method of fixing the flaw in the surface of secularity.

There are of course other reasons.

Feminists would argue that women are being discriminated against by not being protected against this part of Islam, and by covering their face you are taking away their identity and personality.

There is also the matter of the National Security issues caused by any covering of the face. It is hard to prove identity without forcing them to remove it and it could be used by anyone to conceal their identity in illegal activities such as robberies or bombing.

It is hard to see how France got away with it in this age of PC, but it appears many other European countries will follow suit, and maybe for the right reasons.


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