Gender Identity

It recently hit the news that a couple are planning to raise their newly born child as genderless, only telling very close family the real gender. Their aim  is to free ‘it’ from the restrains that society places on both genders.

But this has brought into question how gender is identified. I’m not sure whether you can escape your biology, your body is (usually anyway) either male or female, however you feel. Their child will discover on  its own what gender it is, whatever its parents do. Toilets are not multi-sex and neither are changing rooms.

What it has also questioned, are the constrains placed on men and women, what they are expected to do. Whether it is what colour they should like or how they should wear their hair. But we live in an age that is constantly changing. Many men wear their hair long, or wear pink shirts, and their masculinity is barely questioned.

The fact is, we are as nature intended. Men and women have to be different or it doesn’t work, the human race can’t last otherwise.