Patriotism: Faults and Virtues

Two major events have recently both started to cause a surge in patriotism and to show how many people lack it. Of course I am talking about the Royal Wedding in April and the Olympics coming to London next year.

Some are very sceptical, claming it is something that belongs to a previous era and we are only being drawn into it by cheap bunting and a media explosion. That it has no place in modern day society, and sits uneasily with the idea of racism. But they are wrong.

Patriotism is very much key in our society. The United Kingdom is nothing if it cannot be united simply by a love and pride of where we live. There are people from all over the world living in Britain, there must be something about here that draws people to it. And since it can’t be the weather, it must be something deeper. There are few cultures as old, developed and traditional in the world today as Britain. We still have a monarchy, a national religion and a pride of being who we are. The ability to laugh at ourselves, be consistently bad at sports and produce dry comedy is desired by all, but only possessed by people who know what it is to be British.

Patriotism is something very strongly connected with happiness, unity and a joint love for something. The Wedding helped to symbolize a new generation of patriotism, one forged from a genuine connection formed between the royals and the people. Tradition is something cherished in Britain and admired throughout the world. It is wonderful to be British and whether your ancestry lies in Britain, in Europe or  further afield, being British should be defined as how much pride you hold for Britain.

The Olympics is one of the oldest traditions in the world, and we as a nation are privileged to hold it. Patriotism should should bring our country together in order to make it an iconic event that will be remember. Without our patriotism, it will fall apart.

It’s events like this which bring our rich culture and heritage into the public’s view, and there is certainly something there to be patriot about.


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