Euthanasia: Forgivable murder?

When I was younger, I was told to give a speech about euthanasia, either arguing to make it legal or for it to keep its status as murder. To my younger self it seemed very black and white. These people were suffering and wanted to die, surely it is right to grant them that at least?
But now, I begin to see the shades of grey. It is a very difficult subject to approach, let alone make any sort of judgement on. It has this association with doctors gone wrong, killing their patients or the Nazi’s scheme to get rid of old or ill patients. Keeping it illegal though, could also be seen as a deprivation of human rights. If someone is unable to end their suffering for themselves, wouldn’t you wish to end it for them?
Where does euthanasia end and murder start? That is the question preventing legalisation. It would be very hard to govern a case where a doctor gave a paralysed patient a lethal injection because they asked him too, yet the family has accused the said doctor of malpractice and murder. It is hard to collate enough evidence to say that the patient wanted to die, when the patient is obviously not there to provide witness.
As I said, it is a difficult grey area that many people feel is not open to debate. This is the problem. Something as difficult as euthanasia needs debate and open discussion or it will never be sorted, and will remain forever uncomfortable.


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