The Obsession with ‘Reality’

When I say ‘reality’, I am in fact referring to the very unreal world of reality TV. It has overtaken our nation in a blur of celebrities and nobodies giving in to the ongoing siege of the media’s grasp on our lives.

I feel it is a very strange idea really, the one of ‘reality’ TV shows when usually they are hugely displaced from reality. I think it’s peoples’ lack of self confidence in their lives that has allowed this craze to be driven forward. People do not think that their lives are fulfilled enough and look to these poor people who have been thrust upon TV to fill the gaps. Any entertainment fuels the imagination, takes one away to a place that may not be real but is new and exciting, but reality TV shows fail to do that. They don’t flood you with ideas and concepts, they show ordinary people in an not so ordinary setting, arguing with each other as ordinary people do.

These shows, ‘I’m a Celebrity…’, ‘Big Brother’ and such the like, are different to the reality talent shows of this era. Things like ‘X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ do seem to fuel the imagination, seeing a normal but talented person being catapulted to unimaginable fame. It could be fiction for all we care, it’s the thrill of the ride that counts. Shame that the same cannot be said for normal Reality TV shows. Watching a person sleep can hardly be described as thrilling, can it?

Many class reality shows as proof of the degradation of our society, but really it is more a further intrusion of the media into our lives. They can control what we want to be like, how we want to live by these examples on the TV. Now, that really is a worry.


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