The Benefits of Benefits?

‘Benefits’ are definitely a good part of any democratic society. They are intended to help those who are unable to support themselves, and without them, many a person would go hungry most nights.

But they are freely open to misuse. Tightening the benefit system would save the government so much money and their cuts in other areas would then have to be less severe. It seems that they are not just achieving the admirable aim of supporting the needy, but also fuelling the lazy. A good example of this would be a friend, who would actually be financially better off to quit work and claim benefits than she would to carry on working. Luckily for all of us, there are a few people who wouldn’t live off charity unnecessarily and have some sort of work ethic.

The problem lies with those who dislike working, and would rather stay at home. They can claim unemployment benefit, or job seeker’s allowance or even find some way to claim disability. I have even heard of people claiming benefits as they feel they are too fat to work. Maybe their benefits should be supplied as healthy meals 3 times a day, and they’d be fit for work in no time. The fact is, the government doesn’t invest enough time and energy in checking up on those receiving benefits, whether they are really deserving, or just lazy. We would be far better off cancelling job seeker’s allowance and using the money to pay for inspectors to check up on the other benefit recieving people say every 3 months. It would create new jobs and save the government money in the long run.

Who am I to comment anyway. The government is making cuts (reassuringly different from our previous labour governments), as it has to, but maybe in slightly the wrong ways.


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