Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

I indulged one day recently. The sun was out and instead of tackling the work I should have been doing, I had friends round and played with silhouette photography. We had some laughs and breathed in some fresh air, and when 3 or 4 hours later, I sat down to my work, I felt refreshed and ready to continue with ‘shoulds’ rather than ‘wants’. This photo was a product of an afternoon where indulging certainly had positive connotations.

Indulge is a strange word, heavily edged with negative connotations. If you’re indulging, are you doing what you shouldn’t be? It is inherently stained with guilt, yet indulging means to me taking time out from what you are meant to be doing, and doing what you want for a bit. If that’s breaking your diet with a sneaky bar of chocolate, or curling up on the sofa in front of Sleepless in Seattle instead of facing that pile of work, go for it. It’ll do no lasting harm but may give you the energy to get through that day, that diet or that work. My Grandma always told me that a little bit of what you fancy does you good, and I’ll always believe that. So go on, indulge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

Looking Down Along the Ground

I took a slightly different take on this week’s photo challenge. Down to me is more an emotional state than a physical state, and when you reach as far down as you can go, you can only look along the bottom and up. The immediate future may look precise and detailed, but what will happen in the end is still blurry. I think this photo shows that.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

When I was photographing a wedding for a friend recently, it really struck me how great a commitment marriage is. It was my first wedding as the official photographer and the pressure really was on, but in a way, the pressure was more vicarious, as I appreciated the responsibility that my friends were taking on, even as only a 17 year old. I think this photo, that I took just as they walked into their new house together, really encapsulates it. But my friends were ready for it, as one day I will be too. Ready for commitment, ready for love and ready for life together. Forever.