Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

I had to really think about this week’s challenge. Easy as it would be to post a picture taken through a window frame or even I one I have through a picture frame would not have been all that original.

So, surprisingly, I returned to my favourite silhouette photography. I chose this photo that I took a year or so ago on New Years Day, because I think it provides an interesting frame with which to view the sunset on the water. Three different parts form this frame. The solid clean lines of the rock face, the detailed figure and the moody cloud swelling over the sky.

I particularly like this photo and feel it applies to ‘through’ in a  less obvious way. That day was particularly sunny for a cold January day and we spent it on the beach, but then the clouds crept across the clear blue sky and snow began to fall. By the time we were in the car, it was snowing heavily and we couldn’t get home and ended up walking in the snow filled dark. The creeping forward of these clouds, threatening to obscure the low winter sun, seems to foreshadow what was to come and allows us to look ‘through’ the present, into the all too close future.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual


Silhouette photography is a particular favourite of mine, and I try to capture unusual shots rather than simple bright sunlight ones. This photo I think really encapsulates that for me.

I love the blurry outline of the hair when contrasted with the sharp outline of the lips. It is clear that this is a photo of a girl, but so little is given away. The light source, a simple spot light, is almost magical, creating a light blur around it rather than anything harsh. The complete darkness of the rest of the photo assists in adding drama.

It is a great life lesson that can be learned; take what’s ordinary and make it unusual. You’ll never know where you’ll end up.

We All Have Our Crosses To Bear

Yesterday, I read in the papers about the Government’s intention to allow employers to ban wearing crosses in the workplace.
This act of pure discrimination would not be tolerated if it were against any other faith resident in this ‘christian’ country, yet the Government feel confident enough to attack christianity.
The reason that they are allowed to ban the cross is that they claim that as the cross is not a necessary part of christianity and therefore can be banned. Who are they to decide what is necessary for one’s faith? If were to do this on a level playing field for all faiths, almost all religious symbols would be banned. These politically correct politicians cannot see that equality means equality for all, not advantages for minorities.
It is ridiculous as the government are straying into areas that they shouldn’t control and just discriminating unnecessarily against our own country’s faith. As an infringement on human rights, it is practically unrivalled. Britain prides itself on being a multicultural country, yet we are unable to treat everyone the same.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Light and Dark: the original contrast

con·trast  – The state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association.

Today, we live in a world of contrasts. Rich and poor, old and modern, dirty and clean, but the original contrast was always light and dark. Before anything else there was dark until light strayed into it, creating the first contrast. Pushing it into existance along the lines between them.

I love this photo, which I took in one of my recent photo shoots. A few lit candles in the foreground and a rich velvet curtain in the background. I was first disappointed to lose background detail, but actually this only aids the deep contrast in the photo.

Without contrast, we would be lost in a world of neutral tones and bleak shades. A bland combination of grey and cream which is usually only found in fashionable flats, but instead we are given the extremes, the dramatic and the vivid. Exciting and colourful, and never dull.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Distortion is a strange thing and can appear pointless if not sued to convey a certain message. This photo makes the subject appear giant, and carries with it a encouraging message. Reach for the sky, don’t look down and you’ll get there in the end. Life depends on your perspective, and anyone can be anything they wish to.