We All Have Our Crosses To Bear

Yesterday, I read in the papers about the Government’s intention to allow employers to ban wearing crosses in the workplace.
This act of pure discrimination would not be tolerated if it were against any other faith resident in this ‘christian’ country, yet the Government feel confident enough to attack christianity.
The reason that they are allowed to ban the cross is that they claim that as the cross is not a necessary part of christianity and therefore can be banned. Who are they to decide what is necessary for one’s faith? If were to do this on a level playing field for all faiths, almost all religious symbols would be banned. These politically correct politicians cannot see that equality means equality for all, not advantages for minorities.
It is ridiculous as the government are straying into areas that they shouldn’t control and just discriminating unnecessarily against our own country’s faith. As an infringement on human rights, it is practically unrivalled. Britain prides itself on being a multicultural country, yet we are unable to treat everyone the same.


2 thoughts on “We All Have Our Crosses To Bear

  1. If that’s the case then they should also ban hijabs, turbans and other religious symbols.

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