Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Having done some wedding photography, this weeks challenge was remarkably easy. I took this photo last summer at a friend’s wedding in France.

The sun was going down and I’d finished as official photographer, but when the sun set and the light turned beautiful. I couldn’t resist the romance, and dashed to get my camera. I only had a couple of minutes before the sun dipped behind the buildings, and shot a couple of, if I may say so, stunning silhouettes and photography. This was my absolute favourite, as they leaned in for a kiss. Their faces are unmistakable, yet vaguely separate, and the lips are not quite touching. The sun spread it’s final rays over the last remnants of a truly magical day, and a completely perfect couple.

There will days of extreme happiness in our lives, whatever we see in the meantime, and it’s all about holding out for the ride. Being together with the one you love will always make that journey infinitely better.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun

I’ve already posted some silhouette photography, and I thought that this theme was perfect for it.

I took this photo as the sun swung steady and low over the African Sky in Zambia. I feel that the details of the tree do not take anything away from the pure beauty of the bright sun encased in such a brilliant yellow sky. I love the yellow fading to white as it reaches the bright, hot core of the sun.

Everyone says you should never point your camera at the sun, but if you do, you can make spectacular results. Following this is everyday life should also work. There will always be thing that you wanted to do that people told you not to. Sometimes it is reasonable to follow their advice, but sometimes you need to ignore it. Do what you want to do, and the results could always end up being spectacular.

In Labrinth’s words, ‘Let the sun shine.’

Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

I feel like I’m cheating with this weeks challenge as I’m playing with field depth and focus rather than composition. This photo does have two subjects but one is in the foreground whilst the other remains blurred in the background.

Subject is anything that you intend to take the photo of, and I fully intended for the green plant to form the less focused part of my photo. The smooth, blurred lines saturated with strong, rich greens contrast perfectly against the harsh, brown, sharp bark of the tree in the foreground.

Many would look at this photo and only take in the focused foreground and dismiss the background as chance. I think this photo shows that even when there are two subjects in front of us, we tend to ignore the one that is more difficult to see, but without it, the image would be incomplete.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

In terms of photographic quality, this will not be my best photo, nor is it intended it be. Taken on my blackberry, it represents the convenience of technology on my journey.
I took this yesterday in Venice on a quick tour of the cities sites and it seems appropriate to the theme to upload it on the move, speeding on a boat across the busy waters.
I had never been to Italy before and it has been a journey of discovery, finding a new and different culture and not only experiencing it, but appreciating it. That is the point of journeys, not to simply travel from a to b, but to discover new parts of yourself in places you couldn’t have previously imagined and in ways you had not known once. Value every journey you make as you don’t know who will reach the destination.