Travel Theme: Summer

Ailsa has done another unofficial photo challenge this week! It’s become a travel photo challenge, with different themes and this week’s theme is summer. Check out to learn more about it.

My photo may not be taken in an exotic place or represent travel to everyone, but to me it encapsulates summer. Every summer we make the three hour trek down to Pembrokeshire in Wales, and our grandparents’ home there. Practically my second home, I have grown up there and loved it there. I have watched the sun rise over the rolling Welsh hills and sat for hours on the beaches until the waves touch my outstretched toes. Wales may not be exciting or exotic, but it can be home. When I am lucky enough to grow up, get married and have children, I shall take them there and I’ll watch them grow up in the unaltered and beautiful landscape of the Welsh countryside, and one day I shall watch them run out to the same waves as I did 25 years earlier, and I shall be truly happy.

This photo represents that to me, as I took it lazing around on towels aged 16 with my friends, but the view in 25 years will be just as beautiful, but best of all, exactly the same.


7 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Summer

  1. ailsapm says:

    Wonderful summer memory, and wonderful future summers imagined. Such a lovely post, and I agree, Wales has got some spectacular scenery. Thanks for sharing summer in Wales! xoxo Ailsa

  2. What a perfect Summer day photo!

  3. ailsapm says:

    Just set a new travel theme challenge I’d love you to join in, if you have the time! Pass it on, everyone’s welcome 🙂 xxx Ailsa

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