Travel Theme: Oceans

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Oceans was a surprisingly difficult theme also this week, as it’s not that often that we focus sufficiently on the ocean to capture a wonderful photo of it. We are either aiming to capture something on, in or beyond the ocean. That’s why I like this photo. At first glance it appears to be a rather pointless close-up of a wave, maybe taken by mistake, but on closer inspection, you can see the shadow of a dolphin swimming beneath the surface and you realise the magic of the photo. I was lucky enough to go to the Maldives and see dolphins, and they were wonderful animals. I have some fantastic photos of dolphins that I could have chosen for this challenge, but I chose this photo for it’s initial photo on the ocean.

Photography seems to reflect life sometimes, and this is one of those times. Even though the ocean is glaringly obvious and in our face, we are still tempted not to see it, and to focus on other things. Sometimes we do need to step back and reassess what is obvious to us and what is only seemingly obvious. Blindingly obvious is one of those wonderful phrases in the English language that captures a feeling so perfectly that it is impossible to convey any differently, so obvious we are blind to it. The sea is one of thos blindingly obvious things, so even when it fills the frame, we are tempted to look for that shadow beyond the surface.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

I felt that friendship was a surprisingly hard theme. I read it and straight away took to scrolling through my photos to find one that encapsulated friendship for me, but the fact is, that my friendships are captured in a series of moments and photos that bear little significance to anyone else. They are often not tangible and detectable in the forced smiles of friends and private jokes are by their very nature, private. Friendships are one of the most important things in life and are something  that can not be defined in a single photo.

What I came across through, was an entirely different friendship. For friendships do not have to necessarily be between humans, and one of my simplest friendships has to be with my Labrador, Poppy. She offers the kind of unconditional love that is sought after in every friendship, and offers a shoulder to cry on, whilst never judging me for my actions. If you do not have pets, you will be unable to comprehend the connection that people develop with them, but my lovely dog offers all I need in a friendship, and I can’t imagine when I leave home, being without her.

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