Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Solitary is an interesting theme for a photo challenge. it something many people feel they are, and many are proud to be. I am in awe of people who find themselves good enough company to be alone for any period of time, since I have to be around people 24/7. I struggle with solitude, and I am aware how badly this reflects on my self-confidence.

I took this photo of a gull in Venice. he was sitting on this post, looking out onto the busy waters. Calm and content with his own company among the throng of people, reminding me that even when you are surrounded by lots of people, even then, you can still feel very much alone.

Give the challenge a go at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/weekly-photo-challenge-solitary/


Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

There are so many reasons why I love this photo. Firstly, the girl you see here is one of my closest friends and I gave her a photo shoot for a Christmas present. She in herself fits the theme of free spirit, as she is so calm, loving and, well, free spirited. Secondly, I love the photo from a more technical angle. The soft colours and light of the chiffon skirt are juxtaposed against a vivid green background. The afternoon light on her skin makes it look flawless and a relaxed smile spreads across her face. The pose feels natural, not stilted in any way and I achieved this by asking her to walk away from me and turn when I said.

We are all free spirits in some way, and I think this photo really embodies that. Not only in a personal way, but also with the colours and textures that help to create a calm, peaceful and free image.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Recently, I’ve really been neglecting my blog and I haven’t posted for quite a while. My life has sped up and I find that I haven’t always got time for things that I used to have time for, and sadly my blog falls into this category.

Merge is an interesting theme for a photo challenge and I found it quite hard to dig out a photo that would suit. I settled on this one because of the patterns and colours. I feel that the delicate pattern of the leaves seems to merge with and surround the striking pattern of the dress, and they are inextricably bound by the green light filtered through the leaves of the apple tree.

Come up with your own interpretation of ‘Merge’ with the challenge at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/08/17/weekly-photo-challenge-merge/

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

Hands are so expressive, they can tell the story of a person in their lines and creases, their spots and shading, and yet we use them so much in our everyday lives, that we barely appreciate their presence. I like this photo, not only because of it’s rich colour and interesting perspective, but because of the role of the hands. When I took this photo, I wasn’t intending to capture the hands, looking more at the guitar, but indirectly, the hands are the focus of the picture. They take a backing role, yet without them the picture might be incomplete. They are necessary, but almost invisible because of their normality, and I think this photo really emphasises that.

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Travel Theme: Summer

Ailsa has done another unofficial photo challenge this week! It’s become a travel photo challenge, with different themes and this week’s theme is summer. Check out http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/05/18/summer/ to learn more about it.

My photo may not be taken in an exotic place or represent travel to everyone, but to me it encapsulates summer. Every summer we make the three hour trek down to Pembrokeshire in Wales, and our grandparents’ home there. Practically my second home, I have grown up there and loved it there. I have watched the sun rise over the rolling Welsh hills and sat for hours on the beaches until the waves touch my outstretched toes. Wales may not be exciting or exotic, but it can be home. When I am lucky enough to grow up, get married and have children, I shall take them there and I’ll watch them grow up in the unaltered and beautiful landscape of the Welsh countryside, and one day I shall watch them run out to the same waves as I did 25 years earlier, and I shall be truly happy.

This photo represents that to me, as I took it lazing around on towels aged 16 with my friends, but the view in 25 years will be just as beautiful, but best of all, exactly the same.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

I immediately thought of this photo when I read the word ‘blue’. When taking some photos for the singer/songwriter Daisy Guttridge, there were some gorgeous blue lights placed around the venue, and I was keen to take lots of photos. Here a blue light was shining down some fire escape steps, so I dashed down and got Daisy to sit on the steps. She was a little shocked, but pleased enough with the result to forgive me.

Blue doesn’t have to just be a tangible colour though, as it is forever associated with emotions such as melancholia and distress. I think this photo not only encapsulates the colour blue in its delicate lighting, but brings forward the mood of being blue too. It illustrates to us that colour and emotion will be perpetually inextricably linked, and although it is always nice to see a smiling subject, the juxtaposition of those two separate emotions would have destroyed the balance of this portrait. I love playing with emotion and light in photos, and this one is a perfect combination of the two.

http://soundcloud.com/search?q%5Bfulltext%5D=daisy+guttridge <– The singer’s soundcloud

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

As there was no official weekly photo challenge this week, Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? has posted a challenge and would love you all to join in. See here::http://wheresmybackpack.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/reflections/

This photo conjures up memories of a long happy summer, when we had little to do and the weather was nice. My best friend and I donned our shorts and headed to the park where we spent the day taking hundreds of photos. I couldn’t be more glad we did, as she then changed schools and although I speak to her on the phone weekly, if not daily, I see very little of her, but all I have to do is remember this day and the photos that captured it to remember how truly happy I was to spend a day with my best friend in the sun. This photo also fits into the unofficial theme this week of reflections, because I have done a self capture in her sunglasses. Just a fun, technically-awful shot that can be stored in my memories for ever, so when I reflect on that summer, I remember a happy version of me.