Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Solitary is an interesting theme for a photo challenge. it something many people feel they are, and many are proud to be. I am in awe of people who find themselves good enough company to be alone for any period of time, since I have to be around people 24/7. I struggle with solitude, and I am aware how badly this reflects on my self-confidence.

I took this photo of a gull in Venice. he was sitting on this post, looking out onto the busy waters. Calm and content with his own company among the throng of people, reminding me that even when you are surrounded by lots of people, even then, you can still feel very much alone.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

In terms of photographic quality, this will not be my best photo, nor is it intended it be. Taken on my blackberry, it represents the convenience of technology on my journey.
I took this yesterday in Venice on a quick tour of the cities sites and it seems appropriate to the theme to upload it on the move, speeding on a boat across the busy waters.
I had never been to Italy before and it has been a journey of discovery, finding a new and different culture and not only experiencing it, but appreciating it. That is the point of journeys, not to simply travel from a to b, but to discover new parts of yourself in places you couldn’t have previously imagined and in ways you had not known once. Value every journey you make as you don’t know who will reach the destination.